Welcome to JICREG Online

JICREG is the industry currency for local media audiences in the UK. It is used by publishers to demonstrate the size and quality of audiences to local media in print and online. Advertisers and agencies use JICREG for planning and buying campaigns in local media. JICREG online updates its audience data twice a year in April and October and can be analysed by a range of demographic audiences and geographies.


Below are the main features of JICREG online. Guests have access to a wide range of reporting but to find out how to get the full benefit of the software as a subscriber please contact us


Feature 1

Total audience by nearly 650 titles in print and online as well as unique reach by platform


Feature 2

Audiences by location, county, ITV region, commercial radio area, registrar general and local government area


Feature 3

Mapping, maps of local media coverage customisable for premium subscribers


Feature 4

Postcode sector reporting, audiences to local media news brands across the circa 9,000 sectors in the UK


Feature 5

Accountability, subscribers can run schedule analysis to see the reach and frequency that campaigns achieve


Feature 6

Nationals, subscribers can evaluate the efficiency of local and national print audiences across a range of geographic audiences